12 septembre 2019

Regas joins COMO NExT

With excitement and joy we announce we have just joined COMO NExT network, a prestigious Science and Technology Park based in Lomazzo, in the province of Como.

ComoNext accepts only innovative hi-tech companies and connects them through a extensive network of corporates, startups, universities and research centers allowing synergies and exploration of new technological scenarios.

We are certain the collaboration with COMO NExT will bring further stimuli and competences to our R&D Dept. which is the founding pillar of our company and it will boost the development of our newest groundbreaking projects that will be presented to public soon.

For a long time we have embraced the culture of Open Innovation in our value creation process and we firmly belive that we must open ourselves to a wider ecosystem in order to excel in today’s industry.

Exploiting the insights, solutions and skills that are generated even beyond the company boundaries and involving different actors and strategic partners can lead to disruptive solutions and boost our growth and success.

In COMO NExT we have found an ideal and fruitful environment for our ideas, in line with our innate innovative vocation: that’s why this New Beginning constitutes an important step in our Development Strategy.


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