23 July 2021

Our entrance into H2IT

We are glad to announce the entrance of Regas into H2IT, the Italian association of hydrogen and fuel cells.

The association, increasingly extensive and transversal, currently has more than 80 members and represents the landmark for the Italian hydrogen supply chain.

“Joining H2IT represents for us a further step forward that marks Regas’s strong commitment to the energy transition” explained the company’s CEO Franco Jamoletti. “Hydrogen will be a key enabler in the transition process towards international carbon neutrality goals and Regas wants to be at the forefront of the development of technological solutions that will characterize this crucial phase.

Hydrogen will be one of the key energy carriers for natural gas industry in which we have always operated and for hard to abate sectors. We are aware that an acceleration of the entire hydrogen supply chain is crucial for its affirmation.

For these reasons, we believe that an inclusive and purposeful effort between all possible players is fundamental and urgent.

In this direction we join H2IT today”.

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