17 January 2020

We measure our Carbon Footprint!

Regas has recently started a Carbon Footprint measurement project.

The study will be conducted according to the ISO 14064: 2019 standard, which provides guidelines for understanding how much the activity of a company affects the Climate Change.

The study allows the detection of green house gasses emissions produced by an organization and expresses the results in CO2eq.

All sources of greenhouse gas emissions and data will be identified: from the energy consumption of the offices to those related to logistics and transport.

The aim is to obtain a precise report that highlights the overall emissions produced by Regas and identifies the areas where it is necessary to act promptly to increase the efficiency of our environmental management system, leading to corrective actions and consequently reduce our impact on the planet.

This report will also identify indirect emissions due to third parties, so it allows us to evaluate our suppliers, choosing the most virtuous in terms of Sustainability.

One more step towards a greener future!


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