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The right quantity of energy for every cubic meter of gas

Patent EP2715213

REGAS constantly invests in Research & Development to give technologically advanced answers to its customers’ requirements. That’s the case with EMMA – Energy Multivariable Master – the control unit in real time that allows reaching the best performance during the preheating stage, reducing the consumption of natural gas.

  • Easy to operate
  • Self-learning algorithm for maximum performance
  • Natural gas consumption reduction: 36% average
  • Available in 3 versions: SMART, ECO and PREMIUM (compare)
  • Compatible with third parties’ remote management systems
  • Applicable to existing stations
  • EMMA Premium: in combination with GAHP technology up to +50% efficiency than standard heating systems

How EMMA can help the gas companies to save money and reduce CO2 emissions

EMMA can easily be integrated in the existing stations

Emma Smart

An essential and easy-to-manage system, comprising the extensive technology know-how from Regas. EMMA Smart has been developed on the experience our team gained with EMMA Eco and Premium, with the aim of ensuring the quickest return on investment to the companies that implement it.

Thanks to its user-friendly local interface, it is suitable for installation in any type of heating and city-gate station.

EMMA Smart is a rational choice even in those plants characterized by low self-consumption of gas, since it quickly repays the users of its costs thanks to its technological effectiveness and its competitive price.

And remember: once the break-even point has been reached, each cubic meter saved is a cubic meter gained!

Emma Eco


Stand-alone version. The system is locally configured through a dedicated software interface. It does not allow remote control.


Remote-control version. Through a network interface, the system shows the user all setup parameters, status check and traces’ record, DATA such as water and gas temperature and station ow rate. Centralising decisions and interrogating the system remotely, without any need to move, allows considerable savings in terms of time and status, as well as effective safety benefits.


With specific user’s settings, all read status can generate warning and alarm events. This information is forwarded to the remote control software (CCR – proprietary REGAS software – or compatible third-party SCADA) for recording and management.


Values coming from the process are continuously recorded and can be analyzed by the software, even in on-line mode.


The system allows remote input commands, especially for diagnostics.

Emma Premium

The high efficiency offered by EMMA ECO can be even increased by using renewable energy sources. Regas has succeeded combining new technology and traditional systems – a gas adsorption heat pump (GAHP) with notable performance.

Through a less invasive installation which keeps the affordability and safety of the existing water circuit unaltered, EMMA PREMIUM reaches never-seen-before efficiency performance in terms of gas consumption and respect of the environment.

GAHP is installed in parallel to the existing boilers and inlet – and outlet- water pipes are derived from the existing ones.


REGAS’ high specialization allows supplying EMMA PREMIUM as a turnkey formula.


A perfect example of integration between renewable energy and technology for the gas industry, in compliance with the objectives of emission reduction requested by international governing bodies.

Automatic management of boilers and pumps

Remote management

Anti-dew function

Management of seasonal scenarios

Evolved local interface

Gas adsorption heat pump support







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