advanced inspection system
for pressure regulating


At Regas, we work every day to offer our customers the most state-of-the-art solutions and we choose strategic partners that share our spirit of Innovation.

Wigersma & Sikkema is among our strategic partners, as we are exclusive distributors of PLEXOR for the Italian market. PLEXOR is the advanced inspection system for pressure regulating stations.

The system consists of 3 main elements:

  • System couplings, to be installed at different points of the pressure regulating station. They allow the connection with the test device. Each coupling is different from the others, so the possibility to make mistakes during the inspection activity shall be zero.
  • A portable and easy to operate test device. Connected with the system couplings through special flexible stainless steel hoses, it allows the inspection of all the main components of the station. It is equipped with two portable manometers for the measurement of the inlet and outlet pressure and with a Bluetooth interface, thanks to which it is possible to transmit data and receive instructions directly from laptop, tablet or smartphone within a distance of 30 metres.
  • A complete software suite, which can be integrated into third parties management systems (SAP, Maximo, …). Thanks to the very intuitive interface and to the high compatibility, the system is suited to highly specialized organizations, too. The software suite consists of 3 elements:
    • INSPECTOR: used by technicians during the operational activities, it leads step-by-step the whole procedure
    • MANAGER: it allows you to enter data and to set procedures
    • DIAGNOSTICS: it allows the analysis of the collected data and also to compare them with the results of the previous inspections.

Data are concentrated and stored automatically by the device, instead of being written manually. This leads to a significant reduction of errors, which may easily occur when data are recorded through traditional methods.

PLEXOR is a very versatile device and can be adapted to the different types of plants, from high pressure, to middle and low pressure, to industrial users:

  • High pressure to medium pressure City Gate Stations (standard UNI 9167)

  • Medium pressure to low pressure District Regulating Stations (standard UNI 8827)

  • Pressure regulating stations for industrial users (standard UNI 10619)


  • More safety
  • Paperless
  • Maximum operational efficiency (more than 50% savings on OPEX)
  • Reduction of the risk of human error
  • Reduction of methane emissions in the atmosphere
  • Minimal training required
  • Traceability and analysis of data
  • Process time reduction (only 30 minutes for an inspection)
  • Allows the activation of “on condition” maintenance

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