Leading edge technologies
for gas odorization

REGAS, specialist in natural gas odorization

Years of experience and continuous technological investment make REGAS one of the main players in the sector.


Residues Zero is a special filling system – unique of its kind – used by Regas technicians. This technology ensures no leakage at every stage of the odorants transfer process by ensuring an accurate measurement of the product and the maximum speed of transfer in complete safety.

  • Specific know-how in distribution of odorants
  • ADR-compliant Team and vehicles
  • Certified company fleet
  • Trained and authorised personnel
  • REGAS Zero Residues System

Regas is partner of Arkema



Automatic odorant
injection system

The exact odorization ratio for every cubic meter of gas.

A complete range
of tanks

For gas odorants.

Rapid intervention systems
and spill kits

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