Rapid intervention systems
and spill kits

Work without concerns for our health and for the safety of our customers is the best way to offer services and products of high quality. Our corporate culture is based on the deep conviction that acting safely expresses the responsibility assumed towards people around us: employees and colleagues, employees of client companies, end-users of each distribution company gas.

and O CAR

O-Scent is a surfactant, it acts by leveraging its ability to lower the surface tension of the substances with which it comes in contact. It binds to the molecules of odorants as ethyl mercaptan, tertio butyl mercaptan and tetrahydrothiophene dispersed in the air and incorporates them, thus eliminating odors and leaving a pleasant smell.

For proper operation O-Scent it is to be used in conjunction with Car-O and O-Vap. The devices allow you to atomize the product in contaminated areas.

Vap-O and O-Car are easy to use and free of mechanical maintenance operations, with a design that makes them practical for use in any plant, both indoors and outdoors.

Spill kit

It contains:

  • Absorbent cloths
  • Absorbent pillows
  • Absorbent chemical sand

The absorbent cloth and pillow is recommended to remove the odorant in the liquid state. They have special fibers that allow to stem and fully absorb the odorant liquid, limiting the dispersion of odors and containing losses of product in the soil. The adsorbent sand captures the odorant substances on the ground.


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