Regas service

On-site gas

Regas Service, through its chemical laboratory for which is in the course of the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation procedure, performs gas chromatographic analysis for the determination of:

  • Degree of odorization of natural gas
  • Quality of natural gas (HCL, LCL, CO2 content, Wobbe index, …)

The high professionalism and competence of the Regas Service staff, in addition to the level of excellence of the equipment used and the sharing of information through the mobile ticketing platform, ensure accurate and highly reliable service.

Legal metrology

We perform the installation of smart meters and deliver related metrology services

Our staff takes care of these activities, in addition to after sales service, ensuring wide geographical coverage.

Thanks to mobile ticketing, our customers are also able to display real-time planning and progress of the activities, which ensure the highest degree of efficiency and punctuality.

Gas network

We are constantly investing in the latest technology and specialized training for our staff

Through our sister company Regas Service, we are constantly investing in the latest technology and specialized training for our staff.

Thanks to mobile ticketing platform and GPS resources integrated into the equipment, the customer can see, in real time, the progress of the activities and can download tracks and reports compliant with applicable technical regulations.

Regas Service focuses its efforts in the accuracy and reliability of the survey, records and classification of gas leak.

Stations management
and maintenance

Maintenance of plants for reduction and measurement of natural gas

Regas provides maintenance of plants for reduction and measurement of natural gas, aimed at heightening safety and efficiency over time, using staff with high expertise.

The planning of services is centralized and communicated to the operational teams through mobile ticketing, making it available even to the customer, providing definite answers and running 24/7.


Regas offers training dedicated to the professionals of the gas distribution and transmission systems

We provide courses at different levels and specializations and customized training on customer specific needs.

Our teachers are among the leading experts in the field and have a constant update on the regulatory aspects as well as on the latest technological developments in the sector, thanks to the synergy with the R & D area of Regas.


Regas has developed a very high degree of expertise in dismantling stations and equipment

Through the years, Regas has developed a very high degree of expertise in dismantling stations and equipment for gas which are no longer operative.

Sites in which gas has been treated and odorized may include various hazardous materials, which can be hanled only by specialized personnel. When it comes to odorization and de-odorization plants, it is needed very special care during disassembling and wasting operations.

In addition to fixed installation, it may be necessary to divest many other items, such as dismissed bulk containers, hoses, pipes, couplings, gaskets, …

To ensure the highest level of safety, the activities offered by Regas include risk assessment of the site, chemical analysis of the materials and planning of the decommissioning phase.

Through our highly skilled staff and our key partners we offer all-inclusive decommissioning services at any gas plant, by operating in accordance with our ISO 14001 management system.





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